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One Reborn Cyclist's Chronicle of the 2001 AIDSRide

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Minimum pledge amount ($2,100) met on May 08, 2001

Target pledge amount ($3,200) attained on May 17, 2001

Total pledges collected as of July 09, 2001: $5,865

I've Never Lost Anybody To AIDS.

I suppose most would consider me fortunate to have not experienced the sadness and pain that comes with the disease. In light of the epidemic's continuing dispersion, I pray that I never encounter such an experience. Having been spared such pain and sorrow is hardly a blessing; rather, a call to share my good health and fortune for the benefit of those who have suffered and to learn from the brave individuals who know a thing or two about looking at the bright side.

I'm in better physical shape now than I've been in years, having successfully kicked my 18-year smoking habit and turned to a relentless obsession with cycling. My wife and friends will tell you this was a truly weird metamorphosis. One upside that comes with this new passion is my aggressive participation in a wide variety of charity bike rides.

All the charity rides I've joined have their remarkable merits, but none compare to the passion and ambition with which the AIDSRides events seek to support their respective beneficiaries. I first heard about the event when a friend of a friend in Boston took part in it five years ago. I knew that New York-Boston commute well and casually thought "I'd never be able pull that off".

Here I am today.

Am I intimidated by the event's physical demands? Not nearly as much as I've wondered how I would raise the minimum funds required for the ride. I've never done such a thing on my own either... ever.

With that, I've put together this small site to share my forthcoming experiences on what promises to be an extremely moving event. I invite you to be entertained, enlightened and -- most of all -- inspired to share and TAKE ACTION as a partner in my upcoming endeavor.

If you would like to subscribe to a temporary, non-commercial mailing list to receive notification of updates to this site, please CONTACT me.

-- Alfonso Estrada

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