Santa Rosa 200K Brevet (fixed gear)
When a long ride ends at a brewery pub, where fellow riders celebrate your arrival with pitchers of strong ale for immediate consumption, what's not to like?

This year marked the third time that Lisa and I had done this ride, which we've come to use as an early Spring tune-up (or wake-up call, depending on how you look at it) for other rides that we've now grown habitually inclined to do on our fixed gear bikes. The SRCC 200k course is particularly fixie-friendly for its lack of any really long and steep climbs. There are a few steep little kicks at the south end of the course, though, near the turn-around control.

SRCC200 Route Map

Add this to the growing list of events on which we finished DFL ("dead fucking last" for those of you not acquainted with the acronym for which we're increasingly becoming poster children). I don't think either of us felt particularly lousy during the ride. But a combination of facts made it an inevitable outcome: 1) We're just plain slow and less prepared for these rides than we've ever been in, say, 5 years; and 2) there's something about the riders in this region and their propensity for land speed. I swear it's in the water.

Weather was ideal in my book: abundantly sunny with a small dose of wine country springtime chill, no sigifnicant winds. Cherry and mustard blossoms were simultaneously climaxing in many parts of the course, particularly in the Dry Creek and Alexander Valleys. The lush landscape was intensely green, which, combined with the explosion of other spring colors, made this one of the most rewarding, scenic spins through wine country I've ever experienced.

Distance: 125 miles | Elevation gain: 3,300' | Ride time: 8h25m
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