Davis 200K Brevet (fixed gear)
Time after time, Davis Bike Club's first brevet of the season always manages to make us feel a little more at ease with our fitness for our Spring goal events, such as the Solvang Double Century. It certainly helps that we've always enjoyed the company of other riders on course more consistently on this event than on the Santa Rosa 200k brevet.

Lisa and I had just finished the SRCC 200K brevet the previous weekend and pretty much took up the rear of the ride on our own the whole day. By contrast (as this has been in the past), we've consistently finished in the middle of the pack of the Davis 200 while managing to converse with other riders all throughout the course. This sort of thing does nice things for our confidence, as if to say "OK, we don't suck that badly."

DBC200 Route Map

This year's Davis 200 traveled on the canonical route through Dixon, Winters and the south shore of Lake Berryessa, then up Chiles Valley to Pope Valley where we all turned around and retraced our course to the finish.

Despite a slower run at the Santa Rosa 200k brevet the weekend before than we had ever done before, we did OK at Davis. It's a much hillier course, longer even. Yet we managed a finishing time nearly identical to the one we posted one year ago, an occasion on which mentally noted to ourselves: We're ready for Solvang.

So there. Bring on the first double century of the year. I'm not dreading it as much any more.

Distance: 130 miles | Elevation gain: 4,850' | Ride time: 8h35m
Info: davisbikeclub.org
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