Davis 200K Brevet (fixed gear)
Davis Bike Club reprised their traditional spring 200k brevet course to Pope Valley and back this year. Less climbing than the 2007 PBP prep course which we did on our fixies, so we felt confident enough to take the fixies out again for this one.

DBC200 Route Map

It didn't dawn on me until we were actually on Hwy 128/Capell Valley Road (aka "Cardiac") that, for as many times as we've both been on that road before, this was actually the first time we were doing it on fixed gears. No changes to our baseline setup: Lisa, 68.5 gear inches; me, 72.0.

On still-undertrained climbing legs, Cardiac did feel like a bigger struggle to me than it ever has in the past -- even on longer rides like the Davis Double. Not terrible. Nor a whimper-invoking experience. But I think I produced more sweat on that climb this year than ever before.

The out-and-back to Pope Valley along the Eastern valleys of Napa County was, as usual, a lovely ramble and the weather was idyllic -- probably the coolest I've ever felt it on Cardiac too, both in the morning and in the afternoon.

We leapfrogged with a lot of the same riders all day, passing them on the ascents, losing them on the descents. But somehow we equalized with a core group of 5 other riders in the flat, finishing miles and we enjoyed the company till the end.

Lisa and I had planned to also do the Santa Rosa 200k brevet on our fixies one week earlier, but illness combined with lousy weather pretty much sidelined us for that event. The two, combined, would have been great preparation for the Solvang Double Century as they were last year. Even so, feeling the way we did on and after this ride, I think we're willing to give it another go on the fixies later this month on the Solvang double.

Distance: 130 miles | Elevation gain: 4,850' | Ride time: 8h35m
Info: davisbikeclub.org
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