Fall River Century - 200K
This is a really great ride that makes traveling up to Tri-Mountains region of California highly worthwhile. A community promoted and run event, it's got the same grassroots vibe as events like the Tour of the Unknown Coast and the Shasta Summit Super Century.

The scenery is gorgeous, as one might expect from riding through the areas between Mt. Shasta and Mt. Lassen. In fact, you get to see both peaks quite often throughout the ride.

There's not a whole lot of vertical on this ride, but the region certainly dishes out a lot of heat and a lot of unfavorable wind in the afternoon: a cruel combo. It would be wise to psych yourself up for it.

The nature of the course lends itself well to improvisation, in case you feel less than committed to doing the full 200K somewhere along the way. At least 2 different out-and-back legs can be either omitted or shortened as desired.

Lisa and I camped on the fairgrounds lawn, where the ride started and finished. This turned out to be naturally convenient the evening before the ride, but kind of creepy the night after the ride. Most people opted to leave town the same evening, so we were pretty much on our own in an isolated fairgrounds site with lots of loose dogs milling about, and audible evidence of rural youth up to no good not too far away. Plan accordingly.

Distance: 128 miles | Elevation gain: approx. 5,100' | Ride time: 7h40m
Info: www.shasta.com/billofsail
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