The Terrible Two
Attempt #3 for the Terrible Two, which I've completed previously in 2004 and 2005, pretty much ended in shreds. What a shitty day on the bike it was for me, one I won't forget for long, but I know I can laugh about this later.

  • Oppressive heat and fatigue got the better of me on Skaggs Springs Rd. I quit at mile 115. I just didn't feel 'on' that day -- and I kind'a knew it as early as the first climb (Trinity).
  • Lisa (attempting her second Terrible Two) pressed on for another 10 miles and nearly reached the first summit of Skaggs, but succumbed to the same conditions and bagged it there. It was her first DNF on a ride... EVER.
  • Lisa skirted disaster with a front tire that went flat very quickly just as she began the wicked fast descent off Trinity/Oakville Grade. The strong tandem team of Craig Robertson and Jennie Philips weren't as lucky, who flatted and lost control on the fast part of the same descent -- hitting a guardrail and going down hard. They were busted up pretty good.
  • After riding back to the lunch stop to rest a while, I decided to get back to the finish on my own power on the bailout route.
  • It was 110 degrees in Healdsburg, by which time I was out of fluids.
  • I bonked. Badly. Duh, I was nearly out of steam as it was when I decided to call it a day.
  • I had a beer can (empty) thrown at me by a bunch of asswipe kids from a car.
  • I had a front tire blowout that had me careening into a ditch.
  • I was chased by a German Shepherd mutt with teeth all drawn.
  • I got lost at least 3 times on the way back, having to ride 12 extra miles.
I tried my best to keep my cool and spirits all throughout this hilariously tragic ordeal, but -- really -- it was almost Shakespearean.

I needed some healing time after this ride big time. But I insist on some vindication for this some time in the future.

Distance: 151 miles (of 200 miles) | Elevation gain: approx. 9,600' | Ride time: 10h30m
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