Knoxville Fall Classic Double Century (Staff Ride)

Lisa's third Knoxville double; my second. Everything went pretty well for all riders, and since it's been so long between the ride and when I've started to write about it, I can't remember how many there actually were. What I do remember is that it was record turnout for a Quack staff ride, and another 100% completion rate (same thing in 2005).

Given the road closure on Big Canyon Road past the century mark of this course, this was the debut of the Cobb Mountain section of a new route for this ride -- essentially the reverse of what's been modified on the halfway section of the Davis Double -- and I think, given the feedback from riders both on the event and the staff ride, that new section is here to stay.

The new segment does add to the total amount of climbing on this ride. Previously, the course had a total of 11,300 ft. of climb. Now it's about 12,600 ft. The extra bit does give many a bit of temporary grief, but I think the quality of the roads and passage through Cobb Mountain makes it so worthwhile. Not to mentione the rip roaring fast descent on the Southern side of that ridge. One staff rider reported hitting 60 mph on it. Damn.

Add this ride to the piling bunch where I finished in p-a-i-n. I pulled my hamstring on a climb with about 30 miles left to ride, and really limped back to the finish.

Distance: 202 miles | Elevation gain: 12,565' | Ride time: 15h30m
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