Mt. Tamalpais Double Century

This was Lisa's and my second Mt. Tam double century completion, which turned out be a royal struggle (for me) throughout last third of the ride, oddly when the most difficult parts of this ride were already behind us.

The ride was marred by some sadness as one rider (I think she was on the century course) suffered a heart attack while on the bike during one of the steeper climbs on course and died. I encountered the scene just when the sherriff and coroner were covering her body and head with a tarp, with her blue women's Sidi shoes still visible from underneath. It saddened and freaked me out all at once.

I myself didn't encounter any major issues on the ride, but definitely neared an empty tank at around mile 140, and didn't perk up again until around mile 180. We did finish the ride in one piece though, and will no doubt give this a go again another time.

Distance: 200 miles | Elevation gain: 14,970' | Ride time: 15h20m
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