Davis Double Century
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Fast forward to 23 May 2005: Two years later, I've ridden the Davis Double Century one more time and still haven't managed to document the '03 ride. And since my 2005 experience in many ways mirrored the one I had in 2003, I'll pick the easy way out of this and urge you to read the more recent report.

Special Mentions

I rode the majority of this ride in the company of my friend, Jim Buckingham, who rode his first double century here and really showed who was boss. Jim and I rode the first century in just under 5h40m (bike time), the fastest I'd ever ridden 100 miles on a typical century course.

Of course, this excitement would spell a bit of trouble later on, as I labored though the last quarter of the ride. Thankfully, Jim and I had the lovely company of Lisa Lestishock and Karen Rhodes, both whom we met at around the halway point of the ride. Their company and conversation not only helped take our minds off our fatigue, but they both helped tremendously in hauling our tired butts back to the finish.

Despite struggling in the first half of the ride, our Motel 6 roommate Marion Grau, recovered and successfully finished her first double as well. The three of us commuted to and from the ride start from Mace Rd by bike as well, making our total ride distance about 12 miles longer than the actual course.

Most remarkable of all, however, is the fact that the aformentioned Lisa and I met by total kismet on this ride and began dating four months later shortly after Lisa underwent spine surgery. What's more, the official event photographer on course captured both Lisa and I ascending Big Canyon Road in the same frame... before we met. (Insert Twilight Zone theme music, or violins. Your choice.).

Distance: 211 miles (incl. hotel commute) | Elevation gain: 7,040' | Ride time: 12h02m
Info: davisbikeclub.org
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